Mistral DT-309B Powered Tube Amplifier with USB DAC Bluetooth & Headphone Out
Mistral DT-309B Powered Tube Amplifier with USB DAC Bluetooth & Headphone Out
Mistral DT-309B Powered Tube Amplifier with USB DAC Bluetooth & Headphone Out
Mistral DT-309B Powered Tube Amplifier with USB DAC Bluetooth & Headphone Out
Mistral DT-309B Powered Tube Amplifier with USB DAC Bluetooth & Headphone Out

Mistral DT-309B Powered Tube Amplifier with USB DAC Bluetooth & Headphone Out

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This midi sized integrated amplifier offers impressive powerful sound.
Thanks to its hybrid design (2 x 6N2 vacuum tubes), it provides richness of sound synonymous with pure valve amplification.
You can connect it directly to your computer through a USB input port and thanks to a built-in high-resolution premium USB-DAC 24bit/192kHz(Cmedia CM6631A+Cirrus Logic CS4344) you are able to change your digital music to a thrilling music experience. 
To make your life even easier along with a standard RCA stereo input this amplifier offers wireless connectivity based on Bluetooth® wireless technology.
The removable IEC power cable gives you an option to upgrade your system with a premium audiophile power cable in any time.

 One of the most recognized audio-video magazines in Germany "Heimkino" awards the DT-309B as


 "The 100 best products of the year"


"They work along very well: The combination of the MISTRAL DT-309B and the beautiful Peachtree Audio D5 sounds clearly and longs for more music. So it is good when the smartphone or tablet is filled up with music. For those who do not prefer to play via bluetooth, fortunately MISTRAL also offers possibility to play from PC via USB or from a conventional CD player via the RCA input.




"Everything is folded with precision, which does not raise any objections. The DT-309B is heavy and makes a great impression as for such a little one."




"Gentle, warm, suggestive sound... Richness and analog naturalness could be able to compensate limitations in a dynamic range and resolution, but these features do not limp; However, it is obvious that MISTRAL avoids sharpness, it does not round every sound but rather shapes and smooths but still leaving sound distinct and clear - there is a very good selectivity of this presentation, the sounds do not blend together, and the image tends to be three-dimensional, and although details are "combed" you can feel them constantly. The whole impression is very friendly and the style works well in a "firefighting" of compressed recordings that could be transferred to MISTRAL by the Bluetooth standard."



Glorious Sound:


"For so little money this is a super deal…"


Sound and Conclusion:


"And here we go. After I had angled the speakers towards me, the way they like the best, I could quickly determine how fresh and warm the duet works together and how a notable bass fundament it can generate despite large cones’ surface. The soundstage succeeded to my full satisfaction, so I can just say: heart, what do you desire more? The set is an absolutely must to have. Those looking for something good priced for themselves and their friends, something well made, with modern features built-in and ideal and free music straight from the gut, this is for you. Very big recommendation."



 Best Buy 05-2014



Miniaturization and design:


"This affordable hybrid amplifier charms us in terms of its construction, especially build and materials quality - there is not a gram of plastic here!”


Sound with a touch of fantasy:


"The amplifier was performing very well in the configuration with the Italian monitors Chario Premium 1000 , especially that from my experience, I know these Italian monitors prefer much more efficient amplification. However in this configuration it came out that the number of watts generated by the hybrid amplifier turned out to be sufficient to fully drive the slim Italian monitors…

Tiny sounds, particularly those in the higher parts of the mids and in the high tones are nicely accented by the amplifier.

You could get the impression that it has no problems with the correct interpretation of dynamics contrast of sounds which are seemingly little different from each other. But this is a feature we met in more expensive and powerful amplifiers, so once again the DT-309B deserves to be praised."




"It turns out that you do not need to spend big money on a well-equipped and good-sounding amplifier, designed for smaller spaces. The low-gain double triodes working in the preamp stage together with the transistor end stage are a harmonious duet and complement the sound with many elements typical for vacuum tube amps.

So you can hear the delicate warmth, musicality and a note of finesse note combined with remarkable precision in leading rhythm, especially at the micro level, as well as sustainable and spatial sound transmission.

Listening to music from CDs and files stored on a computer hard disk had an honest and mature message comparable even to little more expensive units.

Similarly, in the case of streaming music from a smartphone using wireless signal transmission technology - MISTRAL quickly and without any problems links to any smartphone , allowing the possibility to use a source other than a computer or a CD player, which greatly extends the DT-309B functionality, for sure a lot of people will like this small amplifier."




"After connecting the speakers to the DT-309B (and turning on the music) it can be seen at once that the amplifier has a very pleasant timbre - you can feel the smooth and warm tube atmosphere supported by a strong bass cushion coming from the power transistors.

It is surprising that despite the small declared amplifier power (2 x 33W) the amplifier can generate high volume levels without any noticeable fatigue or overload. The desktop monitors played strongly and clearly, giving the sound of convincing expression and high culture. What is important, the music message is consistent and harmonious - all frequencies are well aligned and do not overlap with each other…"




"If someone is looking for a small sound system for a 40sqm room and wants it to be able not only to sound (and look) attractive, but also to be multifunctional…. the choice of MISTRAL DT-309B seems to be a reasonable and completely legitimate. MISTRAL offers plenty of features, and also provides a very musically pleasant colorful sound and nice appearance and pretty good energy. Besides, it is very attractively priced…"



Power Output:

2 x 33W, Class A/B

Vacuum Tubes:

2 x 6N2

THD: Less or equal 0.1% (at rated power)
Signal/Noise ratio:


Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz

RCA stereo CD

USB (for PC Windows version only, 

can not work with MacOS10.12.2) 



RCA Pre-Out 

Connectivity Wireless: Bluetooth v4.0
Bluetooth Profiles:

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile A2DP

Headphone Impedance: 32-320Ω
Headphone Output Power:

1.5W  160Ω

USB Supported Data:

192kHz / 24 bit

Cirrus Logic CS4344 chip

Included Accessories:

Bluetooth antenna, USB cable, 

Power cord

AC Power, Power Consumption: 230V or 110V 50/60Hz, 70 W
Dimensions (W x D x H): 17.8  x 29.8 x 13.6 cm 
Weight (net):
3.9 kg / pcs